Invest Canada 18 June 5-7, Calgary

INVEST CANADA ’18 provides a finger on the pulse on all that impacts Canada’s private equity and venture capital industry—from macro-economic issues, to in-depth discussions relevant to specific industries and sectors. Hear from leading global thought leaders, investors, and today’s innovation pioneers on various issues impacting the private capital environment.

This is the premier opportunity to network and engage with all of your peers and contacts in the industry. Connect with more than 700 industry influencers, including international VC and PE investors, debt and equity providers, institutional funds, high-growth entrepreneurs at the forefront of innovation, government entities, corporations and service providers who all have a vested interest in accelerating Canada’s innovation and growth ecosystem.

Hear inspirational and captivating stories from investors and entrepreneurs both on the cusp and the heels of Canadian and global success. Reflect on the insights and intelligence gathered here to navigate your own deal flow and improve returns.

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