Carey Houston

321 Growth academy addresses a critical gap in the marketing & sales talent need for alberta tech companies.

Alberta Enterprise has been a key partner for 321 Growth Academy since our inception. They were instrumental in helping us validate the market need for our programs, and have helped us connect with investors and other stakeholders across the province. With Alberta Enterprise’s support, over 60 startups and scaleups have taken various 321 programs to accelerate their growth and traction.

Alberta Enterprise has made a substantive impact on the Alberta tech ecosystem. They’ve attracted numerous VCs to the province and have helped close the seed funding gap with the Accelerate Funds I and II. These investors are actively engaging with – and investing in – our entrepreneurs. As a result, I believe more Alberta companies now have access to the funding they need to grow and scale, and equally important, are getting sage advice from experienced investors.

Carey Houston
Founder, 321 Growth Academy


Kylie Toh

Geeky Summit, organized by Chic Geek, is alberta’s only conference celebrating women in technology and entrepreneurship.

Chic Geek started as one young woman with an idea. With the support of forward-thinking organizations like Alberta Enterprise, Chic Geek has grown into a non-profit with a paid staff and almost 45 volunteers – running 25 events per year. Our partnership with Alberta Enterprise saw us launch Geeky Summit, the only conference in Alberta that celebrates women in technology and entrepreneurship: a pipe dream we’ve had at Chic Geek since the very beginning.

Kylie Toh
Chic Geek & Geeky Summit Founder


Cynthia van Sundert

ACCELERATEAB is the annual celebration of technology startups in Alberta.

This peer-to-peer conference has been sold out for the past two years with 400+ attendees. Founded by Alberta Enterprise Corporation, the event is now fully run by the A100.

For the last seven years, Alberta Enterprise has lead the way in connecting Alberta entrepreneurs with much-needed access to Venture Capital. As a keystone leader in our rapidly growing innovation ecosystem, Alberta Enterprise’s active and collaborative presence in the annual AccelerateAB Conference has directly helped entrepreneurs get closer to influencers and investors needed to scale their businesses.

Cynthia van Sundert
Executive Director, A100


James Kierstead

Rainforest Alberta is an informal organization of people working together to improve Alberta’s innovation ecosystem.

What makes Rainforest different from other initiatives is that it is largely grassroots – driven by tech entrepreneurs.

We want Albertans to know that they don’t have to move away to invent, prosper, and move their ideas forward. To that end, our goal is to grow the same invisible infrastructure that underlies successful tech communities like Silicon Valley, right here in Alberta. Alberta Enterprise’s commitment to attracting and investing in Venture Capital firms, as well as its direct support for the Rainforest initiative, has and continues to be fundamental to creating that thriving innovation ecosystem.

James Kierstead
Rainforest Alberta’s Edmonton Chapter
& Founder, Levven