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The Venture Capital Model –
Venture Capital and the Alberta Economy

The creation of a strong VC community in Alberta is imperative to economic diversification and long-term job creation. As a province there is a need to continue to seek and retain high value, knowledge-based, innovation-driven industries and jobs. Since 2008, Alberta Enterprise Corporation has been working to build a local Venture Capital industry, which will provide the capital and other resources needed to support the growth and success of knowledge based companies in Alberta. Click here to read more.


5 Reasons to Invest in Alberta’s Tech Sector

Located in Western Canada, Alberta is an international leader in oil & gas technology. Yet, we’ve successfully translated that expertise and mindset into other fields of technology – pursuing opportunity wherever it exists. Why is Alberta a tech market worthy of your interest? Click here to find out.


“Our Success”- Click here to view our success to date.

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