Alberta Enterprise was established to build a local venture capital industry which can provide the capital needed to support the growth and success of knowledge-based companies in Alberta. To achieve this, Alberta Enterprise invests as a Limited Partner in technology venture capital funds that have, or will establish, a presence in the Province, staffed with a senior level investment professional.

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By investing in VC funds that finance earlystage, technology start-ups in Alberta, we create access to a much larger pool of capital than the $350 million Alberta Enterprise Fund, while also creating access to external markets and the expertise of these funds.

We have targeted three types of funds for investment:

  • North American funds currently operating outside Alberta.

  • Funds that are local to Alberta.

  • Funds focused on early stage angel co-investment.

It is important to ensure that Alberta Enterprise invests in funds that complements the available deal flow in the province. In 2021, Alberta Enterprise conducted a deal flow study outlining the number of technology companies in Alberta and sector breakdowns. We will continue to make new fund investments to match the sector and stage of our venture capital funds to the available deal flow in Alberta.