Alberta Enterprise’s mission is to foster a thriving venture capital (“VC”) industry in Alberta, one that provides access to venture capital and other resources to create successful Alberta companies.

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Formed as an independent corporation by the Government of Alberta in 2008, we are a key component for economic diversification and development of an innovation-based economy in Alberta. We are invested in supporting businesses that will create high skilled jobs for Albertans and contribute to a healthy provincial economy.

Investing in investors

Alberta Enterprise does not invest directly in Alberta companies. Instead, we invest in VC funds that have a track record of success, strong global networks and a demonstrated commitment to the province of Alberta.

Guided by our Investment Policy and working in compliance with our governing legislation, we invest as a Limited Partner (“LP”) in VC funds that finance technology companies. The end goal is to have more VC funds located in Alberta, investing in more Alberta technology companies.

Our funds invest in knowledge-based industries, including the following sectors:


Information Technology 

Software, cloud computing, telecom, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain


Industrial Technology

Energy and clean tech, industrial internet of things, materials, mining


Life Sciences

Biotechnology, nutraceuticals, advanced food manufacturing, ag tech, health/wellness, medical devices

Our investment goes beyond dollars and cents

Alberta Enterprise works to support the overall VC ecosystem. Successful venture capital funds must be connected both to technology entrepreneurs and experienced local advisors. At the same time, Alberta’s technology entrepreneurs need access to the capital, operational expertise and industry networks of the VC sector.

Leveraging our vast expertise, experience and connections, the team at Alberta Enterprise partners with other organizations and acts as a facilitator to bring investors, Alberta entrepreneurs and technology advisors together – linking to their peers in other technology hubs across Canada, North America and around the world. This promotes a healthy venture capital industry in our province, giving Alberta companies access to the human and financial capital needed to succeed.

In addition, we provide value-added support to the funds we invest in, including connections to other investors, connections to entrepreneurs and by partnering with other organizations in developing quality technology companies.

Our goal is more VC funds investing in, coaching and connecting to Alberta entrepreneurs.


Our efforts promote: