At Alberta Enterprise we achieve our mission to foster a thriving VC industry in Alberta by investing as a Limited Partner in VC funds and by working with industry to develop the VC ecosystem, giving more Alberta companies access to the human and financial capital needed to succeed.

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What makes Alberta Enterprise unique is our investment model. Since our capital is invested, the Province benefits not only from the creation of a local VC industry with resident professionals who support the creation of a diversified economy, but also in the potential return on our VC fund investments.

While a provincial VC fund strategy is a long-term approach that requires patience in pursuit of evolutionary growth, Alberta Enterprise has already delivered measurable results:

$337 million

committed for investment in 32 VC funds, leveraged into close to $4.6 billion.

$1.1 billion

of VC investment into Alberta companies.


angel co-investment funds created

> $5

investment into Alberta companies for every $1 invested by Alberta Enterprise


companies supported

> 2,800

direct jobs created