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Oct. 8, 2015, Edmonton, AB – Alberta Enterprise Corporation (AEC) and President and CEO Kristina Williams both received accolades in this year’s Startup Canada Awards. AEC received the regional award for Entrepreneur Support, while Williams was recognized as one of two Prairies winners of the award for Entrepreneur Promotion.

“I am very thrilled that Alberta Enterprise Corporation was recognized for support of the Alberta entrepreneur community. Notably, I would like to thank my team and all of the excellent industry and community organizations who have helped to support us and make this recognition possible. I am also deeply honoured to be chosen as the Prairie region’s award winner for Entrepreneur Promotion,” said Kristina Williams, CEO, Alberta Enterprise Corporation.

The Startup Canada Awards can be likened to the Oscars for the Canadian technology community – celebrating and recognizing the individuals, communities, and institutions that have demonstrated innovation, excellence, outstanding achievement, and impact in advancing Canadian entrepreneurship.

“Startup Canada Award winners and runners-up are architects of a better future for Canada for entrepreneurs,” said Victoria Lennox, CEO of Startup Canada. “As champions of the entrepreneurship movement, they deserve to be celebrated to the highest degree. Thank you and congratulations to all nominees and winners for elevating the efforts, ambitions, and standards of success for the entrepreneurship community across Canada.”

Williams and AEC will be presented with the awards on Nov. 9 in Calgary. As regional winners, they will be pushed forward to the National Adjudication Committee.

For more information about Alberta Enterprise Corporation go www.alberta-enterprise.ca. For more information on the Startup Canada Awards, visit www.startupaward.ca.